Thursday, March 12, 2009

hopping on..

I jumped on the bandwagon.....
I have heard about this DVD, and thought about ordering it, but after reading a few reviews and reading about Caitlin''s challenge..combined with having some "fun money" in savings...I purchased it from amazon.
It showed up in the mail last night, and I did the workout for the first time this morning.
the verdict? Not as hard as I expected. don't get me wrong...It was hard. i was sweating and grunting and cursing. But I never felt like I couldn't go on. I would have loved for it to be one or two circuits longer. Granted, this was just level one.
I am undecided on how I am going to approach this program. I'm actually flying to my parents house tomorrow, and debated taking it with me. Is it better to put a DVD in your checked bags or in your carry-on?

I think I might try level 1 for 7 days. Or maybe do the even 10:10:10 split.

the best part about this? my husband even did it with me! He got up, 1.5 hours before he had to...and did a workout video. It was awesome.


Janie said...

I want to get on this bandwagon too. I ordered by copy from Amazon last Friday, but I ordered it used b/c it was so much cheaper and I still haven't gotten it:( I'm excited to try it though!!