Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Biggest Loser

ok, first how hot are Bob and Jillian...seriously.

Did anyone else catch last night’s finale? I was so happy that Michelle won! She looked so gorgeous and fit. I love that she didn’t look scary skinny.
So, I have a love hate love affair with the Biggest Loser. And it is all about me and my perception of my own body and abilities and health.
My love-hate-love affair goes a little something like this with each season.
Beginning of the season. Love the show. Love seeing all the new contestants, and learning their stories, and thinking about how much better off I am then they are. Feel a little twinge of annoyance when most of the women weigh less than I do, and have unhealthier lifestyles (According to the editing), but mostly love. Oh, and think about how I would kick everyone’s ass at the first workout.
Middle of the season. Hate contestants that are exhibiting signs of “gameplay.” Get over it a little bit when I realize they are probably just hungry (just kidding, mostly). Hate the fact that now even the women who weighed more than I did at the start of the show now weigh less. Think about how I probably should be trying to lose weight.
End of the season: Love that there only a few people left and I can start rooting for a favorite. Love the makeover show. Love the finale and how great everyone looks, and LOVE IT WHEN A WOMAN WINS!

So…that is kind of how it goes. I recognize that the Biggest Loser is not real life, and that of course these people are successfully losing weight because all they do all day long is focus on that goal. They suspend their reality to lose what, I personally consider, an unhealthily large amount of weight in a short time. But I can’t help but think, what about me. What if I did that show…would I walk out in the finale looking amazing and wearing a dress that is smoking hot and 8 sizes smaller than I wore before? Last night my husband I watched the end of the finale together and we talked about some goals for getting healthy and yes, losing weight.

I kind of want to send in an audition tape.
I think it would go like this: Hi my name is Allison and I eat 5-7 servings of fruits and veggies a day. I don’t eat fast food or drink soda. I do eat dessert but in moderation. I know how many calories are in beer, donuts and pizza. I walk my dog 1.5 miles everyday and workout on my lunch break 3-4 times a week. I’ve conquered my food demons and personal demons that led to an eating disorder. I still weigh 240 pounds. I bet you I can’t weigh 150.

Do you think Jillian would take that bet? I feel like it might appeal to her competitive side.

I can picture it now….Cut to Biggest loser campus, first last chance work out—
Me: crying in pain
Jillian: you still want to make bets? Do you? Unless you quit right now, you will weigh 150. Do you want to be quit? Do you want to be a quitter. Only losers quit.

Ok…so maybe I won’t send in that tape.


*Kelly* said...

Yeah, everybody could lose mad weight like people on that show if they dedicated 8 hours a day to it EVERYDAY! Unfortunately for most normal people, the laws of a capitalist society forbid that. Phooey.

Every Gym's Nightmare said...

wow- jillian looks so pretty in that picture!

The more weight you have, the easier it is to lose it. It sucks but thats the way it works.

Kelly Turner

Allison said...

I know, if I could afford to not work, and could dedicate the time..I would!

Kelly T-
I know, I mostly used this picture cause Jillian looks AMAZING!

Hailey and Stan said...

Hi Allison,

I just came across your blog. Reading this post reminded me of myself. Your "audition" tape sounds EXACTLY like mine would.

Glad to know there are other people out there like least we have learned that there is no quick fix, otherwise we would only be disappointed when we gained all the weight back.

Good Luck!