Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Absent but Busy!

Sorry I’ve been MIA for a little while! Summer is super busy at work, and my home life has been kinda busy too! But that is ok, Busy is good.

July (so far) has held two main things for me:

I joined Angela’s Summer Glow Boot Camp. I watched when she had her first boot camp, and decided that when she rolled out this new boot camp that I was going to participate. I took my measurements, printed off the monthly calendar and saved a copy of the exercises on my desktop, so I can always have them handy.

I’ve REALLY enjoyed this! Angela posts such thoughtful topics, and her guest posters have been awesome. One of the topics that Angela wrote about for the SGBC was setting Goals. I’ve been over how I’m not much of a goal setter, because I’m not a goal achiever (that is a whole other post really). But I decided to set some small goals for the month of July.

My Goals:
1) Lose one inch off my waist -ideally I’d like to lose more, but for this month, the 1 inch is my goal-small measureable goals people!
2) Eat dessert only 3 or 4 nights a week-this is a tough one for me. Sugar is my weakness and the sole source of my mindless eating. It’s what I go for when I am stressed and bored. I also have to be careful of this, as restricting sets of my tendency to binge. It’s more of a goal to be mindful about what I put in my mouth and not to eat dessert just because I am low on calories for the day.
3) Complete all of the SGBC strength exercises- I chose this because I want to be accountable and actually do this. Also, this ties into goal 1 and lost of the exercises focus on core strength.

So, yeah. I like it and check out Angela’s blog, it’s awesome.

The other thing that has been big for me is I’ve been reading this book

Umm...this book is amazing. I wanted to read her first book “Slow, Fat Triathlete”
But the library system in my valley only has this one and it’s is phenomenal. It’s the Health At Every Size book that I’ve been looking for. The author is funny and witty and so right on about being an “imperfect athlete.” Each chapter is short and makes a point, and many of them have “exercises” at the end, mental exercises, things to get you in the right frame of mind for exercising. Seriously, it is so so so so so so so so good. I think I’m going to buy myself a copy (and I NEVER buy books). I love books so much. If I bought every book I wanted I would be broke.

Here is an excellent quote from the book:
“When you tap into your own unstoppable commitment to do everything within your power to follow your dreams, that makes you a superhero too.”

Seriously, check out the book.


Amie said...

I'm gonna look in my library for both of them...they sound great!

Katie said...

That book looks great! I'm going to check the library.

Anonymous said...

I am a total 'ho for books. I'm absolutely going to check it out. Oh She Glows is a link on my blogroll but I don't make it there as often as I'd like.

I'm glad you posted again!


Allison said...

Do it! Such a great book!


I'm a 'ho for books too! I've only recently started reading Oh She Glows Reguarly!