Friday, May 1, 2009

now i've done it....

Well...I went and signed up for this race.

I first read about this 5k when I was in the See Jane Run store a few weeks ago buying my new walking/jogging shoes.

How cool is a race called "I run for champagne and chocolate."

I had kind of written it off, until this week. I recieved an email while I would out of town about the Wellness challenge that we've been having here at work. Our final "monthly challenge" is to put in as many miles (walking, running, biking, whatever) until May 15th. On May 18th we are going to have a 3.5k (random) "race" as a culmination to how of how fit we all are now. We'll after being in Georgia last week, and feeling motivated...I wanted to RUN that 3.5k.... Then I started thinking about running and that old bug to be a "runner" caught on again. So I looked up other races in the area...and found the See Jane Run 5k and remembered how cool I thought it was when I was in the store the other day.
So, I dusted off my old print out of the Couch to 5k training program...and on Tuesday I jumped in at week three. And it was great, and I felt great and I felt so motivated that today I signed up for the race. No backing out now! you know. I've signed up for my 3rd ever 5k.
Last time I did the couch to 5k program I was 20 pounds heavier and I crapped out on week four. I already know that I can do the distances of week four....but I'm still a little nervous!
I'll keep you all up dated on my training and how everything goes!


Sharon said...

Oh wow, so exciting!!! AWESOME!!!!