Friday, April 17, 2009

like a record...

I wrote this post on Tuesday, and finally have the time to post it!!!

Things are still crazy busy here on the western front, but I wanted to do a quick post…..

This past weekend was my birthday. My Husband and I went out to this great little locally owned fondue restaurant. I think fondue is officially my new favorite food. Hello….I get to eat carbs dipped in melted cheese? Heaven!

Unfortunately my husband came down with bronchitis earlier in the week, so he was a trooper through my birthday dinner, but the rest of the weekend he was curled up on the couch.

Last night I arrived home to find him making me dinner. He had a glass of red wine ready and told me to “take my wine, and go relax.” And he made a healthy dinner!
He made, Baked sweet potato fries (and bless his heart, he bought an actual sweet potato, instead of a yam….which we all call sweet potatoes!), fresh fruit salad (from the store with raspberries, kiwi, black berries, and blue berries. Delish), spinach salad, and lemon pepper chicken breasts.

I was seriously touched. The last time he called to tell me he wanted to make dinner I came home to bratwursts, Doritos and bloody Mary’s. Which is a deliciously sinful meal in it’s own right. I thought he was so sweet to a) make me dinner as a surprise and b) make a healthy dinner full of things I love.

We’ve been taking our dog to dog training, and the first two weeks of class you aren’t supposed to take your dog on a normal walk. Taking them on walks before they have been properly trained to heel and be obedient, un-does all of the work for dog training. This has been throwing off my morning routine, as I had gotten into a pretty solid routine of walking the dog and doing jogging intervals on MWF and then getting up earlier to walk the dog and shred or strength train on Tuesday and Thursdays.
Routine is key for me to continue to work out, the minute I get out of routine I have habit of careening of the healthy path into the great beyond.
I also start to feel it. I’ve still been going exercises with the dog, practicing the dog training is hard work! But I’ve let my strength training slip a little bit. I only did one day last week, and by yesterday I was just feeling a little soft(er) than usual.
This morning I decided I didn’t feel like jumping around in the shred, so after our dog training practice as a warm-up I did levels 2 and 3 of Biggest Loser Weight Loss Yoga
I had done level two before, but not level three.
Loved it! I loved that level three-used Yoga foundational poses and added weights.
Do you like the picture I drew? That is me in warrior two, doing bicep curls. There is my TV in the background. The stick figure with the bulging biceps is Alli Vincent. Holy crap I want my arms to look like that womans.
I can see how, if you did all three levels of this tape in one sitting you would be SORE! My shoulders are sore from just the second two levels. I’d like my Saturday mornings to include all three levels…..

Well…that’s all folks. See you next time I have a minute! Take care!


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