Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lean and Green

We all have things we have tried because we read food/healthy living blogs right? How many of us ate oatmeal with such zeal before KERF came along? And I certainly didn't eat Fage, Larabars, flat out wraps, or goat cheese.

One thing i've seen around the blogosphere is the "green" smoothie for breakfast. There is only one thing that can make a smoothie that green.....VEGGIES! Well..I suppose green food coloring...

Anyway...I had decided I was not going to try this. A) it sounded disgusting and B) my blender sucks.

Well..I finally gave in yesterday. I realized that I had WAY too much spinach to eat before I go out of town tomorrow, and that left to his own husband won't eat the spinach. Spinach at all three meals!

My smoothie included:
1 cup milk
1/2 a banana
2 handfuls spinach
and aprox. 6 pieces of frozen fruit (a dole, frozen fruit medley) I think I had melon, pineapple, mango, strawberries.

The Verdict:AMAZING!
Super good, and such a freaking cool color! Plus, who doesn't love the benefits of spinach for breakfast?

I rounded out the meal with peanutbutter toast...cause I need more than 200 calories for breakfast.


Amie said...

I just bought a blender yesterday and made a fruit smoothie this am...but I bought it to try the green smoothies...I'm a little firghtened, but I've heard good things! Your post is just another motivator :)

Allison said...

I'm glad it motivated you! I was SERIOUSLY skeptical..but really other than the color..I couldn't tell it had spinach in it at all!

Her name was Lola... said...

I love your blog!! So glad I found it :)

I'm ALL ABOUT smoothies too!

Allison said...


*Kelly* said...

I totally need to try sounds great! The texture of raw spinach makes me gag (it appears rubbery to me...) so maybe I can stomach this one. Hell; I'll take anything disguised in fruit!

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