Tuesday, January 6, 2009

poopy camera

My camera is being a poop. I can't make my computer acknowledge it's existance. SO maybe my computer is being a poop? Anyway..I had a great post planned about dessert...I'll save it in hopes that I figure out my technical difficulties.

So, I've been going to the employee workout room on my "sweat break." Today's workout was particularly satisfying.

Cardio: 5 minutes on elliptical, level 6

Bicep Curls: 3 sets 15 with 10lb weights

Crunches on the stability ball: 3 sets 20

Cardio: 5 minutes on the treadmill. Today I did 1 minute speed walk, 3 minutes jog, 1 minute speed walk. I felt so great during the jog. I think the song on my ipod helped. How did I live with out my ipod? I don't know.

Walking lunges, 2x back and forth diagonally across the room with 10 lb weights in each hand.

Yoga Plank (all the way up on my hands, not on forearms) 3 sets 30 seconds each.

Side Bends: 2 sets 15 with 10lbs weight.

Then I stretched my quads, calves and shins.
Ended with Down Dog...which if I am looking at Jenna's post of yoga poses correctly, I then "flipped" into full wheel. Thank you 8 years of gymnastics as a kid. I think I can do that, as well as other harder yoga poses due to gym. I've decided it's like riding a bike, once you teach your body to do certain things, it doesn't forget. I don't think I could still do a back handspring though. Maybe I'd be surprised.

Oh! I am SUPER excited about the new season of Biggest Loser....and one of the Teams is from Where I live!!!!


Tina said...

My camera is stinking right now, too! Grrrr! SO annoying!

Sharon said...

Sorry about the camera, but look at you go with the workout!

Allison said...

It is, and now I want a new one!

Sharon-Thanks and Thanks!

*Kelly* said...

Sounds like your USB ports are being ridiculous like mine. Must be something in the water...