Monday, November 17, 2008

"...and i'm back in the game!"

Today I did my first cardio workout in the employee workout room. Uh….I am out of shape. Seriously. Ok, I shouldn’t go that far. I am not totally out of shape, I can walk for two miles with out dying, and I can run and go up a flight of stairs with out being winded.
But..30 minutes of what I thought was going to be an easy, ease back into it elliptical workout? NOT EASY.

Granted, it was on a machine that I’ve never used before, and it always takes a little adjusting to what different “levels” feel like..but damn. Damn it is time to get back into the gym.

So, even though the first pre-set workout that I chose was too hard, I did end up doing 30 minutes of cardio and sweating and it was great.

I’ve missed it. Ok, not the burning out of shape feeling, but the rush of endorphins, the euphoria that I feel when I refuel my body after a good work out.
I took this picture a few weeks ago when I was making dinner (I keep meaning to post that recipe) and was surprised to see this when I took the lid of off the sour cream container.
How cute is that? And what a great reminder, to be happy and healthy. That we just get this one life, so we better make the best of it.


littlecalder said...

aw, that is such a sweet message on the sour cream!

it's always so good getting back into a cardio regimen. so hard at first, but oh so nice as you keep going!

Janie said...

Good for you! I need to get back into working out too. You have an awesome work gym, how cool:)

Allison said...

Little Calder-
I thought it was super sweet too! I wonder if there are different messages out there....probably not a good reason to go on a sour cream binge!

Thanks, it is pretty cool. I think the hardest part about getting back into working out (as cheessy as this is going to sound) is the first soon as you establish a's much easier!