Monday, November 10, 2008

Sweat Break

I started at my job about a year and half ago. At that time I got a gym membership, and started on this path to health. I went to the gym every weekday morning before work. I specifically joined the gym that had multiple locations on the metro area I live in (uh….it really is called that the Boise/Nampa Metropolitan area). I think people who live here would laugh at that…anyway. I work in one town and live in another. So I joined the gym that had locations in both towns so I could use the gym on holidays and weekends and such. Well…the location in the town I lived in closed. It was cool, I still went 3-5 mornings a week.
Then in July we got our dog, and I decided that if he was going to be crate trained, I would commit to walking him twice a day. And the gym fell by the wayside. I walk him before and after work.

I’m sill moving, I’m still getting about an hour of exercise seven days a week….but it isn’t the same as breaking a sweat. Getting a good cardio workout in that leaves you dripping, a good strength workout that leaves you shaking…..

But walking the dog is important. Important for his health and my sanity.

I didn’t feel like my fitness level was falling until about 2 weeks ago. Which, as fate would have it, is when my office moved into our new buildling.

Enter my new best friend…
A workout room! Accessible 24 hours a day!.

It has a “stretching/weights area”

Annnnd Cardio machines….

Nautilus type machines. Is that what they are even called? That is what I call them. Call them what they like.

I am stoked. Now that I have my own office in our new buildling (as opposed to a desk stuck in the corner of the front reception area) I feel better about eating my lunch at my desk, and instead of taking a lunch break, taking a sweat break…and sweating it out during my lunch hour.

Don’t worry…there are showers too!

This little guy could probabl use a shower!

Right, just for the record, I uploaded the pictures in backwards order. But, I can't figure out how to move them with out everything going all the pics don't tell the story quite right!


Anonymous said...

What an awesome fitness center! Your dog is so cute!

littlecalder said...

oo, that is so exciting! that's so great that they have that!

Allison said...

Strong and Healthy,
It is def. awesome. Thanks, he is pretty cute!

Little Calder-
I know, I thought it was pretty great that they are supporting health and fitness that way!

Sharon said...

Wow, amazing fitness center - so exciting! And your dog is adorable!!