Thursday, October 16, 2008

Snacky McSnackerson

Everyday I bring two snacks with me to work. One for before lunch if I need it, and one for after lunch, when I always need it.

I’ve tried various bars, Larabar’s, Luna Bars, Clif Z Bars, Odwalla bars.
And to be honest, I’m a little barred out. (barred out? Is that even English?)

Each week I plan before I go grocery shopping, I plan out our dinner menu, what I am going to take for packed lunches, and what I am going to take for snacks. This week I decided to go a different route.
I bought a big container of lowfat plain yogurt:
This is the only brand my cheap grocery store sells. I could go to the more expensive stores, but seriously, we save so much on groceries this way. Plus, I like the yogurt. It’s no Fage, but it’s good. Speaking of greek yogurts, I noticed yesterday that one of our stores started stocking Oikos. I might have to try that. No sign of Chobani yet though.

I then went to the cereal aisle. This store sells Kashi products (well, cereals anyway) pretty consistently, but not much else. Then I happened upon this!

Yum….chocolate granola? Yes Please.

This is a divine combination, the granola is VERY crunchy and I don’t like eating it plain by the handful (unlike Honey Nut Cheerios).

I’m using about 1/3 a cup of the granola. A serving is labeled as ¾ of a cup and has 220 calories, so I’m estimating my 1/3 of a cup to have 74. I then use 100 calories-ish of yogurt. I don’t measure the yogurt. I just know the size of my container, and blob spoonfuls in until I think I have about a cup. So….for 174 calories I get a lot more volume and A LOT more protein than any of the bars that I’ve been eating. Most of the bars usually come in between 200 and 250 calories.

Also, eating this with a spoon forces me to snack slower, instead of mowing my way through a bar.

And as a follow up to yesterday, I am loving my body today. It’s kind of like Valentines Day. You shouldn’t tell people you love them just once a year, it should be everyday.

And I leave you with a picture of our pup. He is five months old now! awwww look at that face! He sits patiently by the counter each morning as I'm making my breakfast...just waiting for the day that I drop something on the floor!


MizFit said...

youre my twin (arent you feeling sad :)) I always call myself snacky mcsnackerson (or my other fave Snacky McGee) and Im longing for your puppy.

(ok that doesnt make us twins :))

we had to put our lab to sleep about a year ago and Ive been thinking Im almost ready to make myself vulnerable (sniff) again.


Allison said...

awwww...I am so sorry about your lab! I haven't ever had to put a pup to sleep....I can't even fathom it. :(. It is a vulnerable feeling isn't it!
I've always wanted a twin...

Catherine said...

Your lab is so adorable!! My brother has a yellow lab who now currently lives with my parents. I swear those are the sweetest dogs ever!

Allison said...

Thanks! He is pretty cute, but def. a trouble maker still! They are super sweet. awwww....

Biz said...

Your puppy is adorable!!

littlecalder said...

nancys is really good, my second fav to stonyfield i think. i haven't tried greek yogurt yet, i think i need to get on that wagon, cause i love me some yogurt!

Anonymous said...

omggggg that puppy is ADORABLEEEEEE

Janie said...

Definitely a super cute pup:) Is he a good walker? I have a dog who is almost 2 and it is almost impossible for me to get any exercise walking him b/c he wants to sniff EVERYTHING!

Allison said...

Biz and anonymous-
Thanks, he is pretty cute. Too cute infact!

LittleCalder- Greek Yogurt is pretty good, although it is expensive and I only buy it as a treat. For's Nancy's for me!

Janie-He is a good walker! Well..mostly. I think he's good because I started him on walks pretty much the day we got him. We do two walks a day. He is usuall pretty good at walking, as long as he doesn't have to go to the bathroom!

*Kelly* said...

Why oh why did I decide to read your blog today, and see that adorable picture of your puppy? I'm sitting at work right now in utter misery, as I have a 3:30 appt to put my dog down. =(

Allison said...

Bah!!!!!! Nooo. I'm am so sorry. Look at my latest post about cookies. Cookies are good for sadness.

Meg said...

Cute pup!

Have you ever tried the Nancy's brand of cottage cheese? It is pretty good and has probiotics in it!

Allison said...

I haven't tried Nancy's cottage cheese! I'll have to look for it!