Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Love Your Body NOW!

Happy Love Your Body Day!!!
I first heard about Love Your Body Day when I was working at the Women's Center at the University of Idaho, as an AmeriCorps Member. We did some tabling and it was really a stretch for me, to be advocating body love, when I didn't always love mine. It really made me think about my body, how I felt about it, how I liked and disliked it and how often I disrespected it's awsomeness. It got me to thinking about how we have this body, this one body. WE can't change it, and the sooner we can love it, the better.

At our booth we asked people why they loved their body, and then asked if we could take their picture and put it on the "We LOVE Our Bodies" board. It was amazing to me, the number of poeple who flat out said to us, "I hate my body." Some people were very willing to explain why the loved their bodies and have their picture taken.
I eventually let the staff take my was a big step for me. I felt like, who would want to see the fat girl on the board proclaiming she loved her body. was liberating, and made me proud, proud that I could get over myself...and proud of my body.

(this is my favorite Love Your Body day poster)--I actually made it into a magnet for my fridge.

Anyway, it floored me that poeple could actually proclaim hate for their body. Don't get me wrong, I don't love every aspect of my body everyday. Truth Time? I was just lamenting some stretch marks in the mirror this morning as I was standing in front of the mirror. But, stretch marks, big thighs, soft belly included, their are so many things, and so many reasons that I love my body.
I love my hair (hair counts right?) it's shiny and straight.
I love my smile
I love my breasts, they are big and full and make me feel womanly.
I love my shoulders and the way they are rounded with muscles.
I love my legs--they take me wherever I need to go, quickly or slowly...they always get me there.
I love my body for it's ability to exericse and function in ways that I can't fathom.

Self love isn't always easy, infact it's usually down right hard. but think about...just start small... what is one thing you love about your body?


Kath said...

Love that poster too!!

Allison said...

I love sooo many of them. I couldn't decide which one to post, so I went with old faithful. :)

GroundedFitness said...

I love the poster too!

I love my abs. My boyfriend says they are too defined, but ithink hes secretly jealous ;)
Kelly Turner

Allison said...

I am secretly jealous of your abs! although, I like to say that i have a six pack underneath my keg!

HangryPants said...

Great post! And great magnet idea.

Allison said...