Tuesday, July 1, 2008

quick update

So, I sat around my house for 5 hours this morning while a guy fixed our AC. I could have blogged, with pictures, all the things I've been meaning too...duh. Didn't think of it. I did get all of my "night" chores done though (this really only consists of making and packing my breakfast and lunch for the following day, and getting my gym bag packed).

So...I'll just make a quick list of things...
1. I grilled eggplant last night. umm..yum! I have some leftover, which comes as no surprise. My husband didn't like the consistency, and we did a whole egg plant. I had it last night, and today for lunch, and will probably have it for dinner tonight or lunch tomorrow. Either way...I'm going to take a pic...its' a great "ugly food that tastes good" post.

2. I didn't finish week 1 of the pushup program, I forgot day three last week, so I'm starting over this week. My abs are a little sore, but nearly to the degree that they were last week...

3. I finished "Fit From Within." Overall..I liked it. There were parts that I thought were a little repetitive, I wish that I had this book right after I realized I had an eating disorder. It would have helped me work through my binge eating. I was able to do that anyway....but not for many years after I quit binging.

Ok..back to work. :)


every gym's nightmare said...

i get told i should read fit from within all the time- but i have this thing about really preachy, i am woman hear me roar, listen to your spirit guide kind of books. is it like that?

Allison said...

It is sort of like that. It's not TOO preachy etc. The book is actually divided up into 101 chapters (the real title is "101 Ways to become FIT FROM WITHIN.")
Some of the chapters were really good, and others were just kind of fluffy. I think my greatest frustration was that each chapter...really could have been a whole book in and of itself....if it had been delved into deeper.