Thursday, July 3, 2008

boo hoo

I don't often blame my moods, or over eating, or lack of workout drive on my period. But this week....has been hell.

It started out just fine.....not a problem getting up monday for the gym...everything was great. Tuesday...also not a problem..I did pilates at home since I had to be there for the AC repair man. Wednesday? Wednesday EVERYTHING went down hill.
I didn't want to get up for the gym..I was exhausted (I think just feeling extra tired from having my period). But I got up for it....when I got there...the Women's locker room heater was mal functioning.....The heat was on full force. Walking in from 75 degrees outside (at 5:50am) into 95 degrees in the stuff locker room was hell. Literally...I hope to not be going to hell..but I feel like it might be what it feels like to walk into a locker room that is a million degrees, after doing a hard cardio work out. And I had cramps...I don't get cramps often anymore thanks to my birth control..but the cramps DURING my workout (usually working out alleviates them), were so bad...I almost quit, but then I realized I would rather not go into the locker room from hell.

The rest of yesterday I was just moody....not angry, not frustrated...oh no..I was in a crying mood. What the toilet paper isn't on the roll the way I like? better cry about it.

It's all good though..the weekend is starting...we have a house guest and some fun things planned. I think my work life is about to slow down...hopefully I can get back to blogging regularly!!!


dobetter said...

Uggg, 95 degree locker room would make anybody cranky! Enjoy your 4th and house guest.

every gym's nightmare said...

i ALWAYS get super moody-like everything everyone says annoys the crap out of me and i cant hold it in so i yell or make fun of them or just be all around bitchy- and my appetite is insatiable everytime its almost that time of the month. but it doesnt occur to me thats the reason until i start. every month. its the same thing.

or maybe everyone just decides to be annoying then. either way.