Friday, June 27, 2008

You Don't Know Me

So, as I was reading this last night (not so much the post, but the comments) I really got to thinking about lots of things, blogging, food, obesity, political correctness...etc.

a. Obviously everyone who blogs recognizes that by posting on the internet, people will see what they write, and that not everyone will agree with them. If they aren't willing to accept that, then they shouldn't blog. I think most bloggers get that.

b. It's a strange "society" we've created for ourselves here on the internet. If you read someones blog long enough, you feel like you know them. Some bloggers, don't reveal personal information about themselves, some do. I don't know about everyone else, but I think human nature makes it so that, when reading a person's blog...anything that isn't written, any information that isn't supplied by ones own mind. Like reading a don't know what the character looks like..but you get a picture in your mind.
So what causes us to be so let down, when a blogger no longer fits into our pre-determined mold for them? What makes us take it so personally?
We only know what they say. We don't know any concrete details about peoples sex lives, love lives, financial situations etc. I could have a great husband....and we might never have sex. I could have a great house, and expensive food...but a ton of credit card debt. You wouldn't know....because I don't tell you.

Um is such a complex issue for some of us. But, Kelly made an excellent point, for some people, it doesn't matter if their food is over processed and filled to high heaven with HCFS...does it make them full? Does it mean that tonight they don't have to dig through the garbage can for someones trash? Then it works. I realize that my health is important, but I feel so greatful for being in the position...that I get to buy the two dollar loaf of bread that is local and doesn't have HCFS in it. And maybe I could learn something from people who truly eat for survival. and maybe a little guilty for forgetting that bigger things happen in the world then when I get my next snack.

I feel like this is a way bigger subject that i could really delve into.

Also a large issue (oh I am sooo punny!), Is it impossible for an obese person to be starving? Also, is it impossible for an obese person to be poor? I know in "the olden days" being fat meant you were rich, and that you had money for good food. I think it is possible for a person to be fat and being in a position that they can't afford food. They probably also can't afford the gym. They may or may not work. I'll be honest.....the whole "fat" and "obese" correlation insults me a little bit. According to society, I am fat, and I am morbidly obese if we look at my BMI (don't even get me started on that bullshit). I also eat mostly whole grains, one sandwhich at a time, lean proteins and healthy fats. I work out 3-5 times a week, and have an active lifestyle. I will always be overweight according to the BMI, does that mean that if my life were to suddenly change, and I found my self needing to eat at a soup kitchen...that I don't need the food as much as the next person? I don't think so. I would like to add that I COMPLETELY recognize that the insult I felt, was due to my own history and issues with the words; fat, obese, epidemic etc. And that Kath has nothing to do with how i feel about that.

Now...for being politically correct, or whatever on one OWN blog:
Guess what? This is my blog and I get to say whatever I want. And guess what? If you had your own blog you could get to say whatever YOU want. No matter how inane or asanine that I think it is.
Before I worked in the job that i have now, I worked as an Americorp Member at the University of Idaho Women's Center. If you ever want a lesson in Inclusive with feminists. I'm a feminist too....just to throw that out there.
There are all sorts of things that are insulting to all sorts of people. Judging someone who eats in a soup kitchen for how many sandwhiches they eat is no different than calling your friend "Gay" for doing something stupid, or calling your brother "retarded" for falling off his bar stool. It's no different than judging the girl on the treadmill who can't run very far. Or judging the person at wal-mart with 10 kids, paying with foodstamps and saying under your breath "ever heard of birth control?" It's no different than calling someone a "vag" or a "pussy" or a "dick" when they aren't doing what you want. And I can bet, that everyone who dogged on Kath, for making a observation, right or wrong....has made some sort of observation, or judgement, or called someone a name..... so why get up in arms...when Kath said what she did. It's hypocritical.

Now, I do agree that there were bigger things to be learned from the whole incident, the whole comment list.....That we are privileged, that you never know who is reading your blog, that you never know what offends someone, we should all take a minute to think about our selves...and our food, and above all we should remember that bloggers..are people...they may not be people you like, but they have lives and jobs and feelings that are way bigger than the 30 sentences they post everyday about this that or the other.


Jennifer said...

I've never commented before, but TODAY I felt like I should!......WELL SAID!!!

Allison said...

Thanks! And thanks for commenting!

Anonymous said...

Well now I have to head over and read the comments so I know what is going on...I feel completely in the dark.

Allison said...

Man you missed a Doozy!

every gym's nightmare said...

well, first off, you hit the nail right on the head that when you blog, you do it so that people read your opinions, and therefore form their own. i look at it like journalism- you wouldnt write a blog if you didnt think you had anything to offer right?

with great power comes great responsibility. Kath's blog is amazingly popular and its due to her very consistant posting, plus she has something unique to offer. I was hoping that she would like to join in the discussion that *some* were having based on her thoughts, but she didnt seem to be interested, which i found suprising. you have a blog so people discuss your the topics you bring up, no? anyways, thats her deal, and i still love her blog and all the info she provides.

about the topic at hand, i actually found her response about most of them being overweight, to be the most offensive. anyone that does not have access to food is starving, whether it be for years or 3 days ago. also, the car comment struck a nerve as well: being poor doesnt mean you have zero money: sometimes you have to decide wether you are going to eat or put gas in your car. i think if you are in a situation where you are forced to decide between to necessities, it warrants you a few extra sandwhiches and few less judgmental eyes taking inventory of your plate.