Tuesday, June 24, 2008

push up

So, I was browsing elastic waist the other day, ok I do it everyday, but that isn't the point. One of the posters put a post up about a training program that trains you to do 100 consecutive pushups. HA!~ 100? Consecutive push ups? Ha!
But then I looked at the program, ok I only looked at the home page, and week 1 of the training program (it's six weeks long) but it seemed doable.

So I did my intial test, and I did 8 push ups (not on my knees, true push ups) consecutively before I lost form. The next day, I did day one of the program. It was tough to eek out those last couple of push-ups, but I made it. Today my arms a little sore, but my abs are killing me.

I don't know why I really really want to do this. I think it would be quite the accomplishment to get 35 in a row. Anyway....I'm going to do this program. Anyone with me?


littlecalder said...

i saw that too, and was wanting to do it. it will just be a matter of getting my behind motivated, which, after i get home from work and puttering around the house for a while, isn't always the easiest task in the world.. but i think i will try to try it!