Wednesday, June 18, 2008

beans beans beans

Last night we got an impromtu invite to my Sister and Brother in law's house for dinner. I love not having to worry about dinner...but this week I was really planning on utilizing my leftovers for my lunches. So, on my way home last night...I was trying to think of what I had in the pantry to turn into a nutritious lunch..... I came up with two things....Tuna and a can of Navy Beans.
Well...I had tuna on Monday. So beans it was. I know that Kath has made a sandwich spread in the past...I searched her website...but my bloodsugar was getting low..and all of her good food was making it worse. :)
So I just bit the bullet and googled "Navy Bean Dip." I found a recipe that I figured I could modify with all of the ingredients in my pantry, and to be honest..I don't even remember what website it was.

So, It was 1 can of beans (rinsed and drained). Tossed into the food processor with:
Dried Parsley flakes
Dried Rosemary
a big spoonful of minced garlic
some lemon juice
and olive oil. ( the recipe called for 1/4 of a cup!-for two cans of beans....I think I probably did more like 2 tbsps).
I've only used my food processor like 3 times...I'm a little bit intimdated by it....but after this...I'm sold. Cilantro Pesto is next!
I blended and decided it was little bland for the "meat" of a lunch. I spooned in some jalapeno slices from a jar for kick.
Wooowee and it has a kick, and it's delicious. I didn't measure anything either....just tossed it all in.
I ate it today for lunch with cut up veggies and a whole wheat tortilla. I probably ate 1/2 the recipe for lunch today, and I'm going to use the rest up tomorrow (we are going to dinner at friends house again tonight.)

Also look at my poppies! The previous owner must have really liked gardening...we have some great flowers!


Anonymous said...

That looks really good! And I love the poppies. Flowers in the garden are like cards in the mailbox, always a nice surprise

Allison said...

It was really good! I love the poppies too!!!

every gym's nightmare said...

wow, your giving kat ha run for her money. i like a lot of what she cooks, but most of the time i need something that will use up what i already have- no time/money to buy ingredients for one dish.

i wish i had a pretty food processor :(