Tuesday, July 15, 2008

goals, maintenance and plateaus..oh my.

For the past coulple of weeks, I've been calling my fitness/healthy eating plateau "Maintenance."
Ha....I have been maintaining (within 3-5 pounds, cough-which could probably be considered a regain cough). I've been calling in maintenance..because that word is less challenging than plateau. It's nice and comfortable. Like talking on your phone while "working out" on your stability ball....

See? (photo courtesy of

So, I've decided I need to step it up. I need a goal to attain. I think I want it to be a fitness goal. Food goals..don't work for me. Restricting is just about the worse thing for a former binger. And, my eating habits are WORLDS apart from where they used to be, I'm more concerned with my exercise habits.
So..goals...what do I want them to be....
What do you all think of this? totally attainable..not a problem right?

Seriously though....I know that I talked about wanting to increase my upper body strength. But I think an attainable goal is in order.

Right now I can do an assisted pull up, with 93% of my body weight being assited. Man, I felt alot more tough when I did those, now that I see that number...not so much! maybe it's 89% now I can't remember what the weight increments are. Anyway....I would like to be able to do 3 sets of fifteen assisted pullups with only 75% of my body weight assisted. In good form.

I also want to be able to run a mile. I think that I can actually do this, it's a mental block really. Before I do that though, I need to get to a doctor or chiropractor for a replacement orthotic. I usually wear a heel lift in my left shoe (my left leg is 12 mm shorter than my right leg). With out it my gait gets all wierd, and my arches collapse and I get shin splints.

Those are my two goals for now. Wooooweee!


every gym's nightmare said...

whoa- that guy is nuts. my neck would be broken into a million little pieces.

i actually kind of want to try that now.

great goals- attainable and specific...thats the recipe for success.

Anonymous said...

I'm right there with you, restrictive eating does not work and actually makes things worse for me. The best thing to do is step up the exercise. I like your goals.