Thursday, July 17, 2008

the best laid plans of....women and puppies?

So, a few years ago, Scott and I had two dogs. We loved them, but we weren't equipped as a young engaged and then married couple for two dogs in a rental house. To make a long (and painful at times) story short, we gave the dogs up for adoption about 8 months ago.

We both love dogs, and new that we would eventually get a new one, but we needed time to heal from the last set.
Once we bought our house, I started feeling better about getting a dog, we owned our house, and Scott is no longer commutingg 80 miles to work each day. His job is literally around the corner, he comes home for lunch. Perfect for puppies! Scott wasn't quite ready back in april, but last saturday when I said "let's go look at the humane society." he said "ok!" I, of course, wanted to adopt every dog there. Scott decided that he likes this particular black lab mix. We picked up the adoption forms and went home to "talk" about it.
ok, this is getting long, and veering from the point..the point is..we got a puppy on Tuesday Night! He is a little black lab, Shar-pei mix and is super cute.

The deal with the puppy is, he throws off my work out routine. Getting up quietly and sneaking out of the house at 5:40 with Scott still sleeping just won't work. The pup needs a walk, and well...once they are up, they are up and want to play!
So...I've devised a new workout I'm hoping out! hahaha..oh my own hilarity kills me.
Ok. the plan is:
early am: walk the dog. While he is still little (he's only 8 weeks!) the walks will need to be short. At this point, I'm going to come home and play with him, keeping a focus on contiuous movement