Thursday, July 17, 2008

and i'm a little out of it

Yeah, I hit publish.. I wasn't finished.
ok...So when he gets bigger...I'll start taking him for run/walks....working toward my goal of running a mile.
On my LUNCH breaks: I'm going to go the gym. This is where the experiment part comes in. I normally spend about an hour and half to an hour and 45 minutes at the gym in the morning, this includes my hour long work out, shower, and getting ready. Obviously, I want to get a decent work out in, and that usually means sweating a decent amount. So, I can't go during my lunch break and then not shower. so the workout has to be short and effecient. I'm thinking of doing a 25 minute circuit work out, and then a quick shower. I really don't want to shower twice a day ( i hate getting ready) but I don't want to not workout. And the idea of coming to work unshowered...doesn't work for me. I'm ok going to brunch on saturday, after a long night out, with out showering...but work..not.

In the evenings the dog is getting another walk.

Any advice on good 25 minute circuits?


every gym's nightmare said...

what!? no pictures of the puppy!!

for shame.

Allison said...

No the pics are coming! I swear!

dobetter said...

When, I anxiously scrolled to the bottom of your post expecting a photo! And does he have a name?

Allison said...

ok ok ok..the pictures are up!