Friday, July 18, 2008

now presenting....

.......... He doesn't have a name yet. We've been trying out Vandal for the past couple of days. We both graduated from the University of Idaho...and we were the Idaho Vandals. We kind of have a school pride problem. Mostly because we live in a different part of the state now, and EVERYONE down here is a Boise State Fan (blech!) so we like to find ways to snub our noses at Bronco naming our dog Vandal. Anyway.....Go Vandals. Ok....on to more important things adorable is this puppy?

I took the above picture this morning after our first run/walk. We only ran a little bit...but I can tell he is going to be a great running partner.

The below picture was taken last night, right before bed time. He was laying between the coffee table and the couch. The shot is the view from the other side of the coffee table.

Gah! He's just so cute.

Cute enough to skip my morning workout routine. I did go to the gym yesterday at lunch. Middle of the day people are SOOOOO different than the before work crowd. It was a pretty quick work out....although I did sweat. I took a quick shower, through my hair up in a pony tail and headed back to work.

I was a little concerned about my eating schedule, if I had a private office or cubicle, I wouldnt' mind eating at my desk, but I have a shared office with three people, that also happens to be our reception chomping on carrots isn't exactly "couth." I'm also generally starving by my lunch time, and I figured with the extra calorie burn in the middle of the day, my lunch wouldn't keep me as full for as long. I ate 1/2 my carrots and 1/2 my sandwich before my workout, and then the rest after. I was hungrier, but I solved that with some nuts and an odwalla bar.

I have to admit...I did enjoy the feeling of comign back from lunch feeling rejuvenated and still come down from an endorphin rush.

I'm going to do it again today...we'll see how it goes.


every gym's nightmare said...

AW! thats the cutest dog i have ever seen! Ill trade ya!

I think Porkchop just peed in my shoe. hes very intuitive. and vengeful.

puppies are hard work. but itll get easier. and its worth it when you look at his little jelly bean nose.

*Kelly* said...

Oh my god...he is ADORABLE! I'm in love! =)

John said...

"We've been trying out Vandal for the past couple of days.""

How about Ostrogoth?

Allison said...

Kelly T-he is super cute..thanks!

*kelly*-I'm in love too...i just want to give him kisses all the time. yes i kiss my dog.

John-Ostrogoth? hahahaha...I sort of like it.