Wednesday, June 4, 2008

oh honey...

So, Scott's Cousins are visiting from Ohio this week, and tonight we are hosting the inlaws and cousins for a BBQ (too bad it's only 60 degrees!) and we are in charge of the two most important parts of dinner.....the meat and the dessert.

I made brownies. See?
But this isn't just any pan of brownies. These are from the amazingly talented Jenny from Picky Palate .
Have you been to her website? So cute. and her recipes? So amazing looking. The best part? She makes most of them up. I. can't. do. that.
So I stole her recipe for Cookies and Cream Brownies with Chocolate Peanut Butter Ganache. See....not just any pan of brownies!

Look how shiny the Ganache is! I think it means I did it right! The recipe is simple, and it's semi homemade-using boxed brownie mix.

The cookies and cream part? It's cream cheese (I used neufatchel) mixed with sugar and oreos. I could have eaten just that for dessert! You can see a chunk here. Scott kindly obliged to eating a test piece so I could get a shot of the insides. Again, my cook book will be called "Ugly food that tastes good." You should have SEEN the mess I made making stir fry last night.

I didn't have a piece last night....but I did lick the spoon with the ganache on it.....who could have resisted. I'm so excited to have a piece of this tonight.


Anonymous said...

Brownies are everywhere! I love picky palate too. Those brownies will be a hit with the cousins and in-laws!

littlecalder said...

oooo! those aren't ugly, those are pure ooey gooey chocolaty gold, mmmm, they look amazing...

Allison said...

Brownies are everywhere! Isn't picky palate great? I can't wait to try more of her recipes.

Little Calder-
Thanks! The brownies weren't too ugly, but I have a hard time making them look good in the pictures. And they were amazing ooey gooey choclately gold!