Friday, May 2, 2008

time flies...

I can't believe that it is Friday already! It seems like I've had zero down time since last Friday when we left for my parents house. Between travel, closing on our house, work and's been go go go! This weekend is going to be no exception. We are packing and taking more loads tonight, as well as picking up our u-haul and installing our new door locks.
Ok, I have to admit..i've totally got the "new homeowner" dorky-ness thing going on. I was EXCITED to be in Lowe's last night picking out new door knobs/locks.
Dork alert.

On a non dorky note....the Month 3 workout from the self challenge kicked my....butt, and thighs, and inner thighs. Woooowee! I am sooore today. I ALMOST used it as an excuse to not go workout this morning, but I did. It was close though, I turned off my alarm, and re-set it for an hour later. Then Scott started snoring, so I knew I wasn't going to get back to I got up. Then I was literall, 3 feet from my front door, and I said to myself "no, it's ok to skip it, see you are yawning, your body needs rest." I even took my workout pants off, like I was going to crawl into bed. I snapped out of it though..and went. I'm glad I's always a better idea in the end.