Thursday, May 1, 2008

pink and blue is our house! It needs some water on the lawn, hopefully that will happen by the weekend.

Last night Scott and I spent three hours cleaning the rugs...this is a pretty good ab workout!!!

We even decided to be huge dorks and take a picture with the Rug Doctor. I also noticed that the last pictures I posted of myself on this blog I was wearing this same pink tank top. I actually do have other clothes..this is just a good tank top for house work, and travelling.
Speaking of workouts...I got up for the gym this morning, was all ready and walked out my front door. There was a bum going through our neighbors trash! He is the same guy who I ran into a few months ago... Well it was dark and I'm a I ran back in side. It's pitch black, and what if I startled him? Maybe he would shoot me! That is the overreacting that goes through my head. Anyway...I decided to do my strength workout from home today...Month three of the Self Challenge...pretty challenging! I'm going to be a little low on cardio this week, but I'm telling my self that moving makes up for that.
Speaking of being low, and moving...we have like zero food, and no fruit or veggies. Today for breakfast I cut an already mushy banana into my oat meal, and for snack I had some strawberries that I seriously think were like 2 minutes away from fermenting. Hmm..I will HAVE to go to the store this evening..I get a little cranky with out my fruit in the morning. Maybe we have a can of pineapple or something.....


dobetter said...

Oh my gosh, that is a great first home! Again, congrats! And the photo with the Rug Doctor, funny. You are the quintessential first home buyer. It's very sweet what we get excited about!

sonia said...

very interesting and informative blog u have.
congrats for yr new house

Allison said...


Thanks for stupping by!