Wednesday, April 30, 2008


First and Foremost...Scott and I are officially homeowners! Our realtor dropped off our Keys at Scott's office! Woohoo...we are going over there tonight, so I'll try to remember to take pictures (at least of the outside). Wow...we offically own a house in suburbia! Strange.

Ok, so the article that I linked to this morning...REALLY frustrates me. The only reason I even LOOKED at was I noticed it was one of MSN's feature articles. You know when you go to and it has that little box that flashes with different links and pictures. The link to this article said "is being fat making the world poor" or something. Anyway.... These are the MAIN things that pissed me off about the article:
1. There was no definition of what "overweight" means. I'm sure they are basing it on the BMI, which as you may or may not know, I think is a load of crap.

2. They go on to state different ways that if no one were overweight how much money it would save the economy. What the hell ever. I'm pretty sure that if no one were overweight, we as humans, being imperfect, would find another way to run the economy into the ground.

3. They use McDonalds as an example of the food that fat people eat. are right..fat people do eat McDonalds..and so do thin people, and old people, and young people and LOTS of different kinds of people. Do you want to know the last time I ate McDonalds? Probably three months ago, and it was one chicken nugget. Do you want to know the last time my skinny co-worker who never gains weight at McDonalds? today, and yesterday and the day before. Gah.

4. The whole plus size clothing thing. According to the article, if manufacturers didn't have to make plus sizes, they would have more resources to create a "variety in hip and bust sizes, rather than asking every woman to squeeze into an hourglass shape." Uh....wouldn't having a variety of hip and bust sizes create different sizes.......the same thing now with plus and straight size clothing? Also...not all fat people wear stretch pants people. I wear plus sized clothing, and I haven't worn stretch pants since the 3rd grade..when every girl and her sister, mother and aunt wore stretch pants...BECAUSE IT WAS THE 80's!

5. I also love the point about how American Farmers would cope with everyone being thin. If everyone where "thin" farmers could "... switch some land from fattening seed oils and sugar beets to fruits and vegetables. Or they might grow corn for ethanol, or even open a hunting resort." WHO IS THIS JOURNALIST?!?! Right, I forgot all "fat' and "sugar" are bad....and all "fruits and veggies" are good...FOOD HAS NO MORAL VALUES. Seriously, she should have done her research....the things that contribute to this country's lack of health are pre-packaged, refined, sodium laden junk that we all love. Not sugar beets. Seriously. And don't even get me started on a hunting resort..has this woman even seen a farm? Most of America's farm land is in flat, open spaces...a great exciting place to hunt! "Look Joe a deer! Do you think he sees us?" "Yes Bob, I think he does, because there are no trees, mountains or valleys out here on Converted Farm Hunting Ranch Resort!"

6. Obviously being fat makes you lazy and unproductive at work, because fat people are always sick. you want to know how many sick days I have taken in the past year? Two. Because I had a cold...that I am 90% sure I picked up at..the GYM!

7. And lastly, it was save money in the Diet industry. "Jenny Craig would be very unhappy" if everyone were slim, says Rand's Sturm. And so she would, along with the rest of the $55 billion weight-loss industry. Trimmed-down citizens would be swapping their diet pills for bikinis and their gastric-banding for nose jobs."
The diet industry would die....if the rest of society didn't put an inherent moral value on fat, and moved towards the much more mentally and physically healthy approach, Health at Every Size. Exercising, and being good to our bodies by eating whole, real foods.

I'll be honest...this article bothers me because it insults me. I am, by societies standards..fat. I weigh 237 pounds (which as more and more people read this, I feel more and more hesitant to say...but it's just a number right?) I wear a size 18/20 pant. My BMI...says that I am obese. But you know what? I can do elevated levels of cardio for an hour, and then lift weights. I can bounce around in a step class. I eat healthy fats, whole grains, and protein at every meal. I also eat 5-7 servings of fruits and vegetables each day. I don't stop my self from eating chocolate cake when I want..but I don't eat big macs. and I am fat, and to be "thin" I would have to be disordered.....and who really wants that?


littlecalder said...

oo, i saw the title to that article this morning, and i didn't even want to read it! i knew it would do nothing more than make me mad, and contain nothing more than the same old stale, false stereotypes. grr! it doesn't matter how much or how little a person weighs, what matters is that they take care of themselves and nourish their bodies!

dobetter said...

Okay, first of all, congrats on the house. That is very exciting and I can't wait to see the photos!

And secondly, my head is still spinning from that article. Good debating issues that's for sure. It's almost as if the author wanted some press so she wrote a shock piece.

Kelly T said...

i read that article too, and the thing that pisses me off is that they consider the world a better place by the fact people would have more money and get married more. our track record with marriage isnt so great as it is, adding more people to the mix that are getting married because they look better isnt going to help.
and more money doesnt mean more successful. i cant figure out if it would help the economy or hurt it based on the article (shutting down jenny craig, lack of health care spending, seems like it would hurt us, but putting more money in out pocket is money to spend and pump back into it) who cares, its never going to happen.

Congratson the house! i want to buy a house so bad but i want to wait until im married. which according to my boyfriend will never happen. he can live in the garage.

chandra said...

Congrats on the house!!

I didn't read the article (yet), but from what you've said about it I'm not sure I want to!! I agree with every point you made against the article and it REALLY sounds like the writer should have done a LOT more research before writing.

Anyway - congrats again on the house! :)

Allison said...

Little Calder-
Don't read it, it will just make you angry!

Thanks for the congrats. I know..wasn't that article insane?

Kelly T-
I know, it made me mad that she brought in the whole marriage thing if single people can't be happy...or that Fat people don't get married! Speaking of husband would HAPPILY live in the garage!

Thanks on the congrats...and don't read the article..totally not worth the time.