Friday, May 30, 2008

keep on runnin, runnin

So, I made it running 2x this week, Wednesday and This morning. Which was my goal. Every other day.
After my run LAST friday (the first one) I was so incredibly sore the next day.... but after my run on Wed. I had a little bit of tightness, but not much, and I'm not experience any of the shin splints pain that I was feeling back in September when I was using the treadmill for the couch to 5k plan.

I've decided that I'm going to use the Gallway (Uh..heard about it on Jenna's blog) It's basically running for 3 or 4 minutes, and then walking for 1 or 2. This morning I did three cycles of that, 3 3 minute running cycles, with one minute of walking in between. I feel pretty good. My first goal is to do four cycles of running (which I feel like I could probably do now, but I'm trying not to over do it. I know that people's bodies adjust differently to the effects of running). Then my goal would be to try running for 12 minutes (the four cycles) combined.....straight. I'm pretty sure that I my current pace is about a 15 minute mile. Which is my second goal, run for a mile.

My weight hasn't changed, i've been fluctuating with in three pounds since February. I'm ok with this. I would like to lose the last 4 pounds (to make an even 30) by August, but I'm happy with staying static for a few months, let my body get used to it.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic Allison! When I started running I did the same thing, 5 minute run 2 minute walk. It was a great way to start without causing injury or so too much pain. Keep it up!

Kelly T said...

thats a good running plan. and good for you for not trying to push yourself too hard, too fast. thats how people burn out.

i have to go to the gym to run today :( stupid seattle rain- i always go for longer when im outside cause, you know, i have to make it back home.

Allison said...

Thanks for the encouragement Ladies!