Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Color Me Beautiful

So, it was a wonderful weekend, even though we spent all weekend doing yard work and painting our house! I'm so excited to have the kitcheng and living room painted! It's so much more inviting than blaring white!!

Look at my red kitchen! The color is "fine wine" (fitting) I love love love red, and I was so glad my husband was willing to take a leap of faith when I told him this was the color that I thought would be great for the kitch. See the terrible teal counters? The only thing that matches them,AND the cabinets is this color! At least that I what I think. :) Anyway, I'm super excited to cook in my newly painted kitchen! Mostly I'm just looking forward to getting it all back in working order.
So what goes with dark red? A greenish color. It's actually called "harmonic tan" but it isn't tan at all. It's def. green! I was really planning on doing something a little more neutral, but none of the neutrals we liked went with the red, or with our dark brown couches.

I love it!


*Kelly* said...

Your house looks AMAZING!! Well done! =)

dobetter said...

Beautiful color!

Kelly T said...

that looks so good!

My walls are white and i cant wait until i can buy a house and paint them my own color. White seems so blah, and like, anything you hang up on them- it still looks empty.

that didnt really make sense but i love your color choice.

Allison said...

Thanks Ladies! I love it!