Friday, May 9, 2008

I'm a NUT

Remember that song?
Well, after seeing so many other bloggers adventure with different Nut Butters..I started looking for them in the grocery store. Wow...expensive. Now, don't get me wrong...I could probably pay for them, but for the price of a small jar of almond butter...I could buy a few more apples. Although the nut butter would last longer....but I digress.

When I was at my parents house a few weeks ago, they had some cashew butter. Hooray..a chance to try a new nut butter..for free! I had some on a! So much sweeter than peanut butter. I was telling my dad about how much I liked it, and he got up from the table, only to return a minute later with...another jar! He gave it to us..woohhoo. Well with the move and everything, I didn't get a chance to stir it up until this week.

I really like it! And since it has that sweet makes a cashew butter and jelly sandwich taste like a dessert! Ooh..I bet it would be really good if I turned one into a panini. I want THAT for lunch.
It's has less calories per serving than peanutbutter. 160 for 2 tabelspoons with 5 g of protein. Proportionally speaking, this is the same as the peanutbutter I use, which is 210 calories and 8 g of protein. I've been using it on my pre-workout toast for the past couple of days as well.

I am so excited for Noon today......the whole afternoon free! woohoo! Well..not free..I"m giong to be waiting for the cable guy, but it gives me a good reason to work on the seemingly never-ending un-packing project.

Tomorrow we are having a picnic for Mother's Day with Scotts Family...I'm making desert...I'm going to try what looks like a DELICOUS recipe. I'm not concerned with my ability on this one...