Monday, May 12, 2008

before and .....during?

So, we've unpacked most of our house..but Sunday morning when I was looking for something to wear to church I realized that most of my dress clothes are still in a box in the garage! Luckily we go to a SUPER casual church.

I found this red shirt....I remembered buying this shirt at my it still fits this tightly, I don't know. But got me thinking about this picture below...
This picture was taken on the fourth of July weekend last summer. I am in the red (duh) my naturally skinny punk brother ( I suppose it helps that he is in the marine corps) is in the blue, and my teenage cousin is in the white. I remember seeing this picture after it was taken, and having one of those " damn, I am not looking my best" moments. Not just in this picture, but in general. And it wasn't about the vanity...skinny people take bad pictures...It was photographic evidence of my lack of exercise and good food. My best assumption is that I weighed 24-26 pounds more than I do now, in this pic.

This picture..I took on Sunday. Please excuse the TERRIBLE self photography in the bathroom. Wow, my hair looks really blue/black with the flash on it. Anyway..there is the same shirt....Still not a great picture (vanity this time) I'm not even sure it really shows lots of progress. I mean..obviously there is progress as I've lost 26 pounds and 25 inches. But..the shirt? isn't hanging off of me....most of my skirts from last year are too big to wear out of the house, but other than that....aside from being loose, most of my clothes ares till wearable. which is why I think those stupid ads that say " X person lost 30 pounds and 3 dress sizes" are bull. At least that is what I tell my self. And I know...sizing is wierd.

Ok, on a non digruntled is a picture I took last friday when I was avoiding my work in the office. Seeing myself in glasses still throws me off.


Anonymous said...

Love the glasses! Super cute. I know what you mean about clothes, the cut really makes a difference. But I can really see a difference in your face and jaw line.

chandra said...

I always take pictures of myself when I'm wearing my glasses to see if I can get used to how I look in them. LOL

Your weight loss is huge success, even if you don't think it shows, I can tell! I hate it when people act like 20-25 is not a big deal - I'd like to see most people go out and do it naturally! Keep up all the great work girl, it's paying off!

Allison said...

Karen and Chandra-
Thanks so much! I appreciate your support tons.