Thursday, April 17, 2008

a whole day?

Ok, it's time for the food update! So, i'm posting a breakfast, lunch and dinner....but they are all from different days. I am so clever. That was sarcasm.

This is my re-discovered love. Oatmeal with walnuts, a pinch of salt and all natural applesauce on top. My dad is pretty much anti added sugar of anykind, unless it's in the form of applesauce, so I ate whenever I had "mush" (what we called it in my family" I had applesauce on top. Applesauce was on sale this week in those cute little single serving, made for lunch sizes. I'm not a huge advocate of single serving packaging...but I couldn't resist. I think with some cinnamon on top, and this would taste like apple pie.

Ok, on to lunch. Lately I've really been enjoying red-leaf lettuce. It keeps for quite a while, and makes great salads for lunch.
Here is a salad I had just yesterday. I used lettuce, a carrot, a red bell pepper, and left over bbq chicken. And Newmans Own All Natural Cesar.

Seriously Yum.

I also had a whole wheat tortilla for some carbs. and my trusty nalgene. No..i'm not stuck in the late nineties...this used to be my brother's nalgene...till he got stationed over seas and I "stole" it from him.

I have one of those "fit n' fresh" salad containers. Really the only thing I like about it is the size, and the little built in dressing container...the "utensils" it came with were complete crap.

Dinner...Calzones! I made these last week. In college Scott and I LOVED this Calzone place, the other night we were talking about them, and I figured I would try to recreate. Let's just say I have a long way to go!
Here is Scott's has more cheese than mine, even though I could have happily grated the whole block of mozzerella in my calzone. I also purposely made these huge. I pretty much cook for 3-4 every night. I always take leftovers for lunch, and Scott eats more than I do. Most nights.

Here is mine...I put TONS of sauce in it.
I think next time, I'll work the dough a little more, it ended up being pretty thick.
I also made stuffed bell peppers last week. As I was serving them Scott looked at me and told me " I don't like cooked bell peppers."
Oh, Something that would have been good to know YESTERDAY! Name that movie. I'm hungry for my snack.


Karen said...

You are so clever! Really, applesauce in oatmeal, why didn't I think of that!

Allison said...

You should really try it. I've had it everyday this week! So much for variety.