Friday, April 18, 2008


The latest round of crazy deadline stress has passed (mostly). I actually only have to work until 1pm today, although that is because I have to work tomorrow. blech.'s ok. I don't mind spending five hours at an activity fair promoting the programs I set up.

But, It has come to my attention that I am going to be on my own for dinner tomorrow night. The perfect chance to try something that my husband would turn up his nose at. Oh I'm going to try to focus on work for the rest of the morning (I actually do have stuff to get done) but what I really want to do is look through all of the amazing food blogs on the net and get ideas.

Maybe some vegan recipes? Some tofu? Oh. man.

I've also signed myself up to bake a cake for my mom's 60th birthday party next month. We will be traveling to my home town (Reno, Nv) for it, so I think I'm going to just buy ingredients and everything there, but tomorrow night would be the perfect time to try a recipe. Ack!

Ok...this is sort of a convoluted and rambling post sorry...
I didn't get up for the gym today, I decided that I was going to go in the afternoon after I get done with work. Hopefully it will be as effective as my morning workouts. I'm going to try to be brave enough to try the pull-up assist machine..what are those really called? In my gym we have a main weights floor, and a women's only area. Because their is a women's only area, the main weight floor is predominantly men. Now, I don't get nervous around Men, can smell the level of testosterone down there....

Then I'm getting my hair cut. hooray!


dobetter said...

I love the assisted pull-up machine! I fell so strong while doing it, even if I am only lifting 20 pounds! So many cakes, so many decisions! I'll be looking forward to seeing what you decide. Enjoy the gym this afternoon!