Monday, April 7, 2008


Ok, I don't have much time, because it's been crazy busy at work, and I'm working on a presentation that I have to do tomorrow night, TO THE CITY COUNCIL. Yipes, they make me nervous! Not so much when they are just out and about, but in the Council Chambers it all changes.

So, taking the advice of a friend (Karen!) I bought some Dates. Uh...seriously? I"m in love. I don't know why I was skeptical, my FAVORITE Larabar is Cashew Cookie, and the ingredient list is...dates and cashews. In my mind, being shaped into a bar made them better (a comment on our society anyone?). Anyway, I picked up some Dates, and Figs (again, why did I think these would taste different than Fig Newtons, no one knows), and a jar of mixed nuts, all for the same price of 5 LARABARS. ahh, volume AND price.
Anyway, I'm not as wild about the figs..but dates with cashews? Seriously in love.

To be honest, I have an aversion to dried fruit. I'm not SUPER wild about the texture, and I HATE raisins, but love dried cranberries. So, I've always stayed away from things like dates and figs. Thank you blogosphere for forcing my to try new things!


Karen said...

Yea dates! I need to get some more. Oh, and presenting to the city Now that's impressive. Good luck!