Wednesday, April 9, 2008

waffle waffle waffle

The word waffle is pretty fun to say if you keep repeating it.
My presentation to the City Council went pretty well. I managed to work for the city for almost a year before I had to do one.....hopefully they only get easier. The meeting started at 5:30 and didn't get over until 9:30! I didn't get home until 9:50, and all the last thing I wanted to do was my usual "prep routine"--make breakfast and lunch and snacks for the following day, as well as pack my gym bag. I decided that I would skip the gym, and go to work an hour late. Love being hourly, it also means I get to leave work at 1pm on Friday! woo hoo!
I don't like skipping my workout does make me feel blah, but more on that later...

So this morning I made waffles for us when I got up. Last year when I was working on our wedding registry, I was searching for a waffle maker and stumbled upon a cuisinart that makes heart shaped waffles! I am a hopeless romantic, and wanted it desperately.

You do have to try harder to make the hearts turn out though, you have to have JUST the right amount of batter.

But there is a good one! I'm sure the whole deal would be much cuter if I took the time to cut the hearts into shapes..but who wants to take time to do that when you could be eating a fresh warm waffle?
Ok, so about this whole "healthy" thing. One of my legs is dragging off the wagon. I haven't fallen off....Let's just say it hasn't been a priority. which is lame....this is supposed to be a life change. and lots of things have changed. Even my "off" weeks consist of me working out 3x a week (which is better than none, which is where I was at a year ago) and my eating patterns have improved beyond measure. A year ago this time, I don't think I hate more than one serving of veggies and one serving of fruit a day...I've def. rocketed past that...but with Scott's birthday last week, busy work schedule, and my Birthday this week on Friday...we've eaten out more in the last week then the entire month of february. I'm not opposed to eating out, I enjoy it, but I have a hard time remembering portion control.
So, the result? This week I gained four pounds. last tuesday I was back down to 236, my pre-vegas weight, and then after eating out on Wed, Thur, and well as having a few drinks and PLENTY of deserts, and getting my period (although I don't like to blame things on that) I am up four pounds. And feeling confused and frustrated. I'm treating my body better than I ever have, even when I'm not 100 percent healthy conscious (which seems like a bleak way to live, you gotta live a little!) and I gain four pounds. And it isn't the end of the world, but i'm feeling "off track" and my pants feel tight. Which I also don't understand because I bought these pants 8-12 pounds ago (depending on what I'm weighing!) Maybe i'm bloated from fiber and period-ness.
So, to aim for "being back on track" these are my "resolutions"
1. I will work out tonight while my husband and father in law are studying. I will either go to the rec center, or walk/jog around the neighborhood for at least 40 mins.
2. I will work out tomorrow morning am
3. I will work out Friday after work (that way I can wake up with my husband on my B-day...AND get a workout in before my birthday dinner on friday).
4. Birthday dinner...right..enjoy self..don't over eat to the point of pain. Duh.

Now to change subjects, I think this truck is an example of what's wrong with the world...
Yeah, it's custom made....It's a triple cab truck. Someone who came intour our office today drives it. 3 cabs...and a truck bed. It's seriously as long as though Hummer Limo's. Can you IMAGINE the cost of filling the tank?


littlecalder said...

ohmygoodness, those waffles are ADORABLE! i want one of those waffle irons...

keep your spirits up! i'm in the midst of a bit of an upswing myself at the moment... but i just keep reminding myself that things will always be fluctuating, and that things will cycle lower once my healthier habits are back to their once higher levels. best of luck!

Jim Purdy said...

You said:
"...we've eaten out more in the last week then the entire month of february. I'm not opposed to eating out, I enjoy it, but I have a hard time remembering portion control."

For me, eating out has always been dangerous, because it can easily get me on an eating binge that lasts for days. However, I'm finding that eating out can also be very good, if I plan ahead and go to a place that offers really delicious fresh salads. If the salad is appetizing enough, I can eat a lot, for very few calories, and feel full for the rest of the day. The trick is to find a place that makes really good salads. For me, a good vinaigrette dressing can make all the difference between a yucky salad and a great salad.

Allison said...

Little Calder-
It is a great waffle iron! Thanks for the words of encouragement, helps me to keep it in perspective.

Jim Purdy-
Eating out can be very good, and I have grown considerably in my ability to make healthy choices, and not go on eating binges for days afterwards.
And I agree..nothing is worse than ordering a salad and being let down.