Thursday, April 3, 2008


Ok, I have a confession to make....I really love Carmen Electra's workout videos.

The year after I graduated from College I was working as an AmeriCorps member. By working I mean, educating America's youth for basically no money. Seriously.....$400 dollars a month. I also worked at Starbucks at this time...but that is another story. Anyway....I was poor and couldn't afford the gym memberships at any of the gyms in my town...but I could afford used workout videos. I stumbled upon Carmen Electra's "Cardio Striptease" series..and bought the first one. It was actually pretty good, didn't get my sweating too much, but it was fun and a nice change. A few months later, I found the second video "fit to strip" in the used bin at the store. Score for me~! Uh...not, this video is damn hard. THe first one?Easy. The second one...kicked my butt. It's seriously a good workout. It's a strength workout with a cardio warm-up that keeps you sweating through the whole thing, and it's killer. Ok, it was more killer back then when I really was out of shape. I shouldn't make it sound like I was workign out every day, ha. I was working out maybe once a week. this morning when I dusted off my copy, I didn't think it would be as hard. It's still hard, and it was still a good workout, but for the first time, I actually made it through.

So, for anyone looking for an at home strength routine, this is a stripping involved.


hk said...

I did AmeriCorps City Year in NYC...what program did you do?! cool :)

Allison said...

I served through the Lewis Clark Service Corp here in Idaho, how did you survive in NYC while you were AmeriPoor?!

Karen said...

Videos are nice for a change of pace. I'm sure these are very entertaining too!

hk said...

haha, thank god i was living with my family and getting an allowance...granted I was only 18, so an allowance didn't seem that far fetched :) haha