Friday, April 25, 2008

...alot like Reno...

Scott and I are driving to Reno this afternoon, for my mom's 60th birthday party this weekend. I am making the cake, and Scott is going to be the bartender. He was a bartender in college and is making these really yummy margarita's from "scratch." So, not really from scratch but a little bit more advanced than adding tequila to ice and a premade mix in the blender. Ok anyway.

I picked a choclate-orange cake from Fat Free Vegan Kitchen. I thought it would go well with the "tropical" theme of my mom's margarita party. We'll's my first cake from scratch. I've made everything else from scratch..but never a cake. I'll be sure to post pictures from the whole weekend!


Kelly T said...

good luck with the cake! im not much of a baker, so thats a huge undertaking to me.

Ah, thats cute your mom is having a margarita party. My mom is one of those, "dont make a fuss, i never leave the house" kind of moms.

Anonymous said...

Driving to Reno! Isn't that far for you? Sounds like your cake will be perfect for the party. Have fun!

Allison said...

Kelly T-

Karen-It is pretty far, about 400 miles...but it's cheaper to drive if both of us are going!