Thursday, April 24, 2008

I like to try new things...mostly

Ok, so we did the kale chip thing. The pictures are terrible. And the verdict on the kale chips? Not bad. Not my new favorite thing. I'm not sure if the Kale I got was different from other peoples, but I felt like mine was a much brighter green, then again pictures can be decieving.
I drizzled them with olive oil, and seasoned with salt, and some gruyere....the gruyere did add to it...well the cheese the made it onto the kale. Anyway...They weren't bad..very light and airy. But it wasn't my favorite thing. Scott ate two pieces...he told me they smelled bad, but tasted good.

I wasn't sure what temp to cook them on...

Like those knife marks? My husband like to use knives on all of our cookware. :(
Ok, so after Kelly
mentioned that Big Lot's carried food, I made a trek over there on my lunch break. I guess I realized it carried food...I just didn't ever venture over to that part of the store. They really did have some good these Kashi cookies! I've been craving baked goods for like a week...and if you are going to give in, you might as well do it in a healthy way right? For $1.50 this is a GREAT deal!
I love how the cookie is a comet....such a nice compliment to my snack drawer!