Monday, April 28, 2008

just like the lights of the casinos...

Our trip to Reno was fantastic! It was ALOT of driving (5.5 hours) each way. Which isn't really that many, but it is when you've already worked half a day....AND you are driving across the Idaho, Oregon, and Nevada deserts. Seriously....boring.

I got bored about 2 hours into our I took some pictures. This was the best I could come up with...half of my face and Scott making a "why are you taking pictures when I'm going 80 miles an hour!?!" face.

I meant to take some pictures of my friends from home...but got distracted by all of the EARTHQUAKES we had while we were there. On friday night there was 4.9, the epicenter was only 3 miles from my parents house! We were downtown with friends, but still felt a decent shake. I'm just hoping that these are not "pre-shocks" to something bigger!

Ok, So I made a cake, and these cupcakes. The cupcakes...are from a box mix, and the frosting is from a can. SHhh..don't tell.

But here is my cake! Uh .yeah....don't mind the frosting mess. I made the frostings too runny (lesson learned: read recipe the WHOLE way through) it got a little out of control. Also, the very inside of the cake didn't cook all the way. Fortunately, it was a vegan cake, so the raw, gooey goodness didn't hurt!

Here is Scott at his "bar" that he set up in my parens rec room (yes, it has wood panelling,that is the bane of my mothers existence). Isn't he cute? He made margaritas for the ladies..and had a great time.

Here we are in my parents front yard....please excuse my face...this is what happens when you have three margaritas...and my dad insisted on taking the picture from the ground. Hello....that is not the angle for a flattering picture.

And here we are saying goodbye to my parents on Sunday afternoon!

All in all, it was great trip, and I was pretty proud of the way my cake turned def. assuaged my fears of cooking a cake from scratch. Now if I could just get up enough courage to try a cheesecake..... :)


Kelly T said...

aw, looks like you had fun!

Your cake did turn out well. Im the worst at baking, so as long as it doesnt chip a tooth, i call it a success.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that cake looks so good! I like that it is running down the sides, I do that intentionally!

Glad you had a great time. It amazes me that in 5.5 hours you can cross three states! In 5.5 hours we can get down to the central coast. Our San Diego trip will take, gasp, 8 hours! It will by far the longest we've gone in the car with the kids. Still, it's all in CA.

Allison said...

We did have fun, and I'm sure your baking wouldn't chip a tooth...:)

Thanks for the compliment on the cake!
It's supposed to take us SEVEN hours to get across all three states....but my husband has a speeding problem.
I think it helps that we are cutting across just corners of states as well. Good luck with your San Diego drive. The last time I drove to San Diego it was from took like 11 hours (barf).

Evelyn said...

You write very well.