Wednesday, March 19, 2008

ow oww owww!

Wow, I am SORE today! Yesterday during my 25 minutes of strength training I did a move that I read about on
You hold a barbell with both hands, one hand on either side, elbows bent, so the weight is parrallel to, and touching your chest.
Balancing on one foot, you trace the alphabet with your other foot/leg in air. Repeat using opposite leg. Do the whole routine with both legs 5 times. HA. I made it 3 times through before I wanted to die.
The interesting thing is that my hip flexors, and low low abs are the most sore. I think those are some muscles that are easy to miss if you just do exercises for big muscle groups, you know, like squats and evil devil lunges.

Today for my workout I did 20 minutes on "hill climb" on the recumbant bike. I hate the recumbant bike, but the tendonitis in my shoulder is acting up, and to not have a huge flare up, I really need to keep it as still as possible. Ok, not as still as possible, I need to not do any vigorous exercise, lift my elbow above my head, or behind my body. It makes exercising, getting dressed,doing my hair, and putting on my seat belt...really interesting!
I then did another 20 minus on the treadmill walking up hill. It was "hill" day. Inspired by Biggest Loser last night.