Monday, March 24, 2008

a note on satiety

This morning I had breakfast at 7am. I had 1/2 cup oats, with a few walnuts, a whole banana cut in (1/2 cooked in the oats, 1/2 on top) and some flax, all with a big glass of water.

I didn't work out this morning (check out my new sidebar feature! I've listed my workout plan for the week) and I ate an hour earlier than usual. I didn't get hungry for a snack until about 11:15 am, but my mouth did get bored around 10:30 and told me it wanted something. I had hot tea...

I ate lunch at noon. Today it was a sandwhich with : 2 slices organic whole wheat bread, mustard, baby spinach, about 3 oz left over steak slices, and jalapenos. I also had my standard "veggie container" with half a carrot, half a cucumber, half a yellow zuchini (squash) and half a red bell pepper. It's about 2pm now, and my tummy is telling me that it is a little hungry.

One of my "goals" or "resolutions" for this week is going to be to listen to my body, and try to create palate pleasing meals.

Speaking of meal creation..I picked up some polenta (premade) at the store on my lunch break, I'm going to cook it up tonight to go with left over turkey from dinner last night...any tips?


Karen said...

I love the sidebar addition of your workout plan! Your oatmeal sounds just like mine.

Allison said...