Monday, March 24, 2008

from mania to boredom...

So the past couple of weeks have been crazy busy, and as soon as my deadline passed, I hit a lull.
I have plenty to do, but when I'm not on deadline, it's so much easier to distract my self!

Ok, let's get some pictures going on...

This is an apple that I had as a snack yesterday, it's not a pink a ....shoot I forget! Gah. Wait..I have one for a snack today..ah, it doesn't have a sticker! It's something similar to a pink a rosy dawn or something.

Here are the promised pictures of the Blondies. They turned out really well. A great chewy, doughy texture, and really not too sweet at all, other than the chocolate chips.

This little square made it to my mouth while I was cutting them. Oops!
Speaking of oops, and litte things making it to my mouth.....I really haven't been on top of my eating game lately. I know I posted last week about intuitive eating and hunger cues...but I've been sliding off my seat in the health wagon. Not too terribly, I still get all my veggies, but my alcohol intake has increased a little bit (by increase I mean, go from nothing to two or three drinks a week, I'm not anti-drinking, but drinking makes me want to eat delicious gobs of melted cheese), and I've been a little more lax about things like french fries and dessert. Which, I am also not opposed to, but I do want to be judicious about when I eat them, and I haven't been.
So, the scale hasn't moved, which is ok...but I need to get back on track.


Kath said...

Those blondies look AWESOME!! SO doughy! Are they the "Smart Cookie" recipe from the sandwich site?

Allison said...

Thanks for stopping by! They are actually a different recipe that I found under the recipe index section of the site. She actually calls them Walnut and Chocolate Chip Bars. I think they are under the "Bars and Cookie" section.

And they are SUPER chewy and doughy, a great treat!