Tuesday, March 25, 2008


The polenta turned out well! I decided to cook it in my new cooking spray (I'm SUCH a sucker for marketing and know that commerical with Kate Walsh driving the caddilac and she talks about all its features, and how the best part of the car is that it turns her on to drive it? I don't even want a caddilac..but she has me sold!) Anyway, I found this organic olive oil cooking spray, and it doesn't even have anythign crazy or hidden in the ingredient list. I was actually looking at olive oil, and lamenting the price when I found this. We use olive oil soooo much, that I thought this might be a cheaper alternative (and lower cal) than olive oil. But here is my, if it's organic, does it end up being low in cal and fat?hmm..either worked pretty well, and it did smell like olive oil...

I cut the polenta in to roughly 1/2 inch rounds and a sauteed them in the olive oil spray. I couldn't quite get a good crunchy coating, I didn't want to burn them.

I served them with left over Easter dinner turkey, and a spinach salad.

Up close...

And further away. We have been using our salad plates almost daily for food, our large plats are just so big, and I always serve my self too much! I topped the turkeyand polenta with mango/pineapple salsa for some flavor!

Even my husband liked these. He actually likes most food, but he always looks at my warily when I make things he isn't used to. I tried to sneak some squash into him by putting it in the salad..but he was wise to my ways!

So this morning I got up for the gym, got ready, packed the car and was off. Made it down the freeway, rememberhing the 55mph speed to the gym, and swiped my card. Next to the card swiper was a piece of paper that read " There is NO hot water in the gym today, we are working on the water heaters, hot water SHOULD be on by 3/26. Sorry for any inconvienence."

umm...huge problem for me. I work out at a gym, 2 mins from my work, and 15 mins down the freeway from my house. So what right? Just workout and drive home. Well..... I could do that, if had been an hour see..we have a traffic problem. This is not a big metro area, in fact, it's actually quite rural, but 3/5 of the people who live in this valley, commute to Boise in the morning. Everyone, on a two lane freeway, for 22 miles. It's terrible. So I didn't have time to workout, and drive home, and then sit in traffic for 40 mins. Damn. I think this is Karma for not going on Monday like I planned (note, I created my work out plan for the week, AFTER I slept in on Monday!) But now I'm wise to their ways!

So, I went home, and did 30 minutes of "circuit training." I did some of my favorite and most gruelling strength moves, with jumping jacks between each set to keep my heart rate up. Probably not as good as what I would have done at the gym....but still effective.

And I was only 10 minutes late for work!


Anonymous said...

I hate when stuff like that happens at the gym. I hate when my schedule, or my plan is thrown off. It makes me want to leave when I go to the gym and all the elipticals are taken, so i cant do my normal warm up. I should be more flexible, but meh.
I thnk im going to give polenta a try. I htought it was more complicated than that, but i think even i can do it.
great blog!

Allison said...

It actually was super easy, totally try it. I think you can even grill them, I almost tried on my George Foreman.