Wednesday, March 26, 2008

running in circles...

Well, I called the gym this morning at 5 to make sure the hot water was on! I was going to be so mad if I drove all the way and they hadn't fixed the problem yet.

So I deviated from my plan...I did the treadmill for 40 minutes today. I was thinking this morning, back to highschool when I did a running program sucesfully, I was running laps on an actual track, so I set the treadmill to the "lap" setting. uh...Duh. That way I didn't run by time, I ran by parts of the track. Yes, I'm really technical. So, I'm not quite sure how much I actually ran..I didn't ever run a full lap, but I ran at least part of every lap, so I think I did about 10 minutes of running. In total I did 2.55 miles. I'm going to continue this, AND it's so much easier to keep from getting bored, when you have all sorts of options for when you'll run. I.e run on the curved part of the track, run on the second straight, run curve, straight, curve. see..I told you I was technical!

Ok, on to breakfast. I don't have the luxury of eating my breakfast at hom (unless I skip my workout!) So, all that oatmeal goodness on other blogs? Not as easy to achieve.

But today? I had the best oatmeal ever (well, from a microwave).

1/2 cup oats, water to cover them, with 1/2 a banana stirred in. Cooked for 2 minutes. I did do that on Monday, but my microwave at home takes longer and the bananas pretty much totally turned to mush. These stayed more in chunks. yum.
Then on top I had walnuts, flax, the other 1/2 of the banana and chocolate chips.
oh. dear.lord. amazing.

there is my chocolate all melting and yummy.
oh yeah, and the new sports bra? It's does ok..I think for long periods of running, I'll still want two bras...such is the life I guess.