Monday, March 31, 2008

not so much with the working...

OK, so today...I'm just not focused on work! Mostly because my husband and I met with the bank on our lunch breaks to get pre-approved for a home loan! The woman we met with told us that she didn't think we would have any problem getting pre-approved for what we feel our budget is.

I'm so glad we are trying to buy a house in Idaho, and not NYC, Seattle, Portland, Nevada or California! So much cheaper!
But that isn't the point....
The point is that I baked this weekend! Scott and I had his parents and our BIL and SIL over for after church dinner on sunday. It was just going to be a laid back bbq...but I wanted another excuse to try a new recipe. So....I didn't have to look far for inspiration... Karen, always has fantastic recipes that I say I'm going to try. Well....I was browsing her "dessert" section and came upon a recipe for cake balls. She got the recipe from Bakerella.., Because I'm not awesome at this whole hyperlink thing, I'm going to type the recipe, but I wanted to give credit where credit is due...

Uh yeah, and I'm an AMATEUR...emphasis on NOT professional. So go look at the other blogs, but...don't worry..I don't think I'm as good as the REAL bakers!
So the goods:
1 box yellow cake (and ingredients to make cake, water, oil, eggs)
1 jar cream cheese frosting
Chocolate Bark.
Bake cake as per directions on box. Let cool completely.
Crumble cake into a large bowl.
Plop spoonfuls of frosting into the crumbled cake in the bowl, and mix. With your hands, it is SUPER fun and messy.
Form into balls, and let cool in the fridge.
When those are cold and formed, the real fun begins...melting chocolate!!!
Melt the chocolate as per directions on the package, roll and cover balls in the chocolate (as you can see...I need to practice this). Set on wax paper and let cool.
Enjoy, seriously, enjoy. These are amazing, and so versatile. Think about all the combos you could choose from, and the colors you could make the coating if you used white chocolate and food coloring! Woot!

And the inside...gooey and cake-y and AMAZING. Uh..this recipe made like 40 balls, and we have four left. oops. :)


Karen said...

Wow! That is awesome about the home loan. Very exciting.

And thanks for the shout out! Bakerella is so much fun, watch for her on Martha Stewart this's Cupcake Week!

freepersonaltrainer said...

oooh those look good.

Yeah, seattle is super expensive. Sucks that I love it so much, because I cant picture leaving. I'll be renting for a while.