Friday, March 28, 2008


I'm so glad it's Friday! This week wasn't was looooooong. Waiting for my proof to come back from the graphic designer, leaves me with not much today...other than help out with the circus that is Softball Registration.

Tonight my husband and I are meeting up with some of his co-workers (from his new job) for happy hour..before dinner! Alcohol, with low blood sugar and no food isn't a good situation for me. That issue, combined with lack of food in our house (we always do our grocery shopping on saturday) made it hard for me to come up with breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, and a mini meal to eat before drinks, all to pack and bring to work. The perfect excuse to go out to lunch! There is this little deli and bakery, right by the gym that I go to. Often their lights and cozy looking interior mock me at 6am, when I really want a cinnamon roll, instead of cardio!

So I went for lunch today. Super Cute! It's a little place that started in Montana on a wheat farm, that has slowly expanded. they make all their own pastries, with ALL natural ingredients, they also sell 50 pounds bags of their whole wheat flour, as well as oat meal, and whole grain cereal. They also had a soup and salad menu. You can build your own, or chose from some generic sandwiches, or some specialties. I should have done the "build your own" but I was so time..and their will be a next time!
Instead I got the "combine"--the specialties all have farm names.
It was turkey with provolone, roasted red peppers, lettuce, tomato and a basil pesto mayo. On whole grain/ multi grain bread. It was perfect.
The bread was soft and chewy, everything was perfectly proportioned. I almost asked them to hold the mayo, but they just put on a light spread, not dripping like some places.

It came with chips and a pickle. I almost forgot to get a picture. This is my first public place picture! I ate both halves of my sandwich, half the chips and half the pickle. I was stuffed..but it was soo good. And def. filling. I have some veggies and a larabar for a snack as well as a little piece of steak with a tortilla for my "mini dinner" before drinks!

Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

I dont mind mayo, and its not so bad for you, its a polyunsaturated fat, but most places just pile it on. How come they never do that with mustard? I always have to ask them to "keep going....keep going...."
Did anyone look at you weird when you took the picture? Im always a little shy about doing that.
Hope you have fun tonight! Look on the bright side, after you are good and tipsy, dinner will be delicious.