Tuesday, February 5, 2008

topsy turvy

Well, I wasn't hungry for a snack at 10:30..I was freezing and wanted a hot drink. I keep English Breakfast Tea in my desk..but I didn't want caffeine (trying to quit), so I had hot chocolate! I was a little nervous as the last time I'd had hot chocolate, I reacted kind of strongly to the sugar..but this wasn't bad and really hit the spot!

About 11am I had my last blood orange. Maybe I'll pick up a few more at the grocery store, altough did see a coupon in the paper that my fav. store has 5 mangoes for 5 dollars. I suppose I'd need to make some mango salsa or something with that many! The blood orange isn't quite as dramatic when you peel it and all of the pith is still hanging out.

Lunch! I couldn't decided on a protein source for lunch today, I didn't want a sausage from last night. Sausage is good once in awhile, but not as a main staple everyday! So I went old school and had a pb and j! I didn't measure anything, just made sure I wasn't drowing the bread, and it wad delicious! For some added protein I had more baby spinach, as well as red bell peppers and cukes. I maybe have had one carrot stick in there. I drizzled the veggie container with balsamic vin. and a little bit of honey for interest.
I'm copying Kath from over at on this one. Pumpkin Yogurt! I bought a small can the other day with the intention of trying this, and her pumpkin cake snack/desert she has on her sight. I mixed 1/2 a cup pumpkin, with an un measured amount of yogurt, ( We can probably do the math, because this is 9oz container, so if Half a cup is 4oz, there is probably 4.5 oz of yogurt in there) some cinnamon, and some brown sugar. Her recipe calls for splenda, but I don't have any, so I sub. brown sugar. PRETTY TART.
I actually didn't eat this with my lunch as I was feeling full, but I'm planning on having it for a snack!
Tonight for dinner I'm thinking of making baked chicken, but I can't decide on the side dishes! We bought a big bag of potatoes and we have veggies....hmm. We are going to have left overs, so i might make some chicken into a chicken and spinach peta for tomorrow! Yum!
I'm going to try hard to get dinner pictures up, at least of the chicken. We have a low key evening tonight, especially since The Biggest Loser is on. Terrible show, I know, but I like it. I think that people really should educate themselves about what life is like for those people, so they don't beat themselves up about not losing 12 pounds in a week, like those on the show!