Friday, February 1, 2008

snack, meeting, food blogging--a whole smattering of stuff!

On hunger, workouts, morning meals and snacks: I didn't go to the gym this morning. The weather is still sketching me out. I did a work out I found on self. com it was a ballet inspired workout to tone your lower body. I did about 5 minutes of dance around in front of the TV with the news on to warm up and then jumped (no actual jumping occured) into my workout. Umm..ouch. I'm pretty sure of two things: I'm going to be sore tomorrow, and I'm going to do this workout again! Because it focused mostly on legs, I also did some arm exercises: tricep pushups, bicep curls, and some shoulder presses. All followed with 20 crunches, 5 more minutes of dance around cool down, and some stretching. I'm not sure how man calories I burned..and I dont' really care. I do want to get back to the gym though..I like my routine!
Anyway....I burned enough that my breakfast didn't keep me full...
I had this snack at about 10:15, breakfast was at 7:40.

The rest of the pineapple and a quarter of a sunflower seed bagel with small amount of cream cheese. super good bagel!

I also have a meeting in 10 minutes. Seriously...why did I think it was good idea to have a meeting at 11:30? I'm going to be hungry through the meeting..especialy if it lasts an hour. Gar. Oh well.

Ok, I don't really know how many people read this, and the other blogs I have linked on this site...but seriously the criticism of food bloggers is getting a little out of hand. They are just people...if you don't like their blog...just don't read it


Krissie said...

I totally agree with you.

I post what I eat as a way of keeping myself accountable. Not to tell others how to eat.

I post/blog for myself. And because the friends that I have made blogging keep me accountable. And, yes, that may be self-absorbed, but would we be blogging if we weren't?

I love reading your blog. LOVE IT.

And what do I do when I find a blog I don't like or don't agree with? I surf away and don't go back. That's it.