Friday, February 1, 2008

could I seriously be more boring?

Ok, I'm just going to write this week off as being "wierd" and blame my sporadic posting on that!
I didn't post lunch yesterday, because...I was on the phone interview for a new job! It's out of state, so we had to do it on the phone on my lunch hour...I snacked on my veggies before, and then after I had whole wheat pasta with some left over chicken from the night before. Doh! I shouldn't have told you all that, I'm having the same thing for lunch today! :)

Dinner was boring...we'll just pretend it didn't happen....although I did cut up my starfruit! picture below....

No, I didn't use the same picture as yesterday, but I did have the same breakfast. Needed to use up the end of everything before grocery shopping tomorow. Grande non fat latte with 2 splendas, ~1/2 cup cottage cheese with some fresh pineapple chunks, and whole wheat english muffin with a pat of butter. Yum.

Ok, there is my star didn't ripen all the way (I don't think) but I wanted to cut it up anyway. The skin is very delicate, and I had accidentally punctured it when unloading my reusable grocery bags last wekend. It made one of the "spines" turn all brown, and I decided I would just go for it...even though it was still partly green.
Anyway, it was good! Very juicy with a light sweet an tangy flavor. Plus...seriously could this fruit be any cuter?
A note on splenda: I got a comment on yesterdays post asking about my opinion on splenda (hi anonymous! Thanks for reading!). I grew up on sweet n'low because my mom was always on a diet. I have an early post about my relationship with my mother, I'm not sure which month..maybe..september or october 07? So it feels very "natural" for me to reach for "fake sugar" to sweeten things like Coffee, Tea, and even cereal. My father, who is a crazy whole foods hippy...things all sugar is the devil. So I had two conflicting points of view... anyway...I like Splenda, mostly because it doesn't have aspartame, and most closely resembles natural sugar chemically, but as far as whole foods go..regular sugar is better...but it's just not as sweet, and I LOVE SWEET. In order to obtain the sweet I like..I end up using WAY TO MUCH table sugar. so I use splenda..or go with out. I don't use it on cereals any more, and I even skip it in tea (so long as I have milk)...but with Coffee? I just can't seem to give it up, although I used to work at Starbucks and have an appreciate for black coffee. Ok, I'm beginning to ramble and forgetting the point of my tangent. Have a good day everyone! I'll be better about posting meals today, I swear!