Monday, February 4, 2008

sauteed snacks

Well the Tuna with the pita made a big difference. I guess the extra 200 calories in the pita might have helped! I had this plain yogurt with two tablespoons of all fruit raspberry jelly, and a few almond slivers mixed in at 4:00pm...but I also had...

This quarter of a donut! Today was our first all staff meeting with our new boss. Everyone at work is pretty disgruntled and skeptical, and I think he's trying to sweeten us up, or in my case..send my into a sugar coma/ frenzy, because he showed up with 2 dozen Krispy Kremes!

In the vein of not eating food I don't want, nor depriving my self..i cut my self a quarter of a donut, and it was SOOO SUPER SWEET. I instantly got a headache. Good to know...krispy kreme donuts are a no go...well..and it's probably better that way!
For dinner tonight I sauteed in olive oil, some sliced potatoes, half an onion and a green bell pepper with a clove of garlic. When they were almost done I added some pre cooked sausages. I had mostly the potato mixture, with probably half of a 5 inch sausge. Super good..but no pics!
I'm feeling sort of like I would like some desert....We'll see what my body/mouth are in the mood for.
Sweet Dreams everyone!


Karen said...

Once again, impressive! Sounds like you are really listening to your body. (Who eats just a quarter of a Crispy Cream? The last one I had I split in two with a friend).