Friday, February 15, 2008

ruby red

Well, today was my last day skipping the gym, fingers crossed! I'm feeling 90% better, but still a little stuffy. I packed my gym bag last night and my husband just looked at me and said "seriously?" Ugh, he was right, better to stay home and get completely healthy. But I miss the gym, and I'll be honest, the longer I say away from the gym ,the easier it is for me to stop going..and I'm terrified of falling into the "not going" rut. Healthy life style..always taking work!

I decided not to eat breakfast at work. When I go to the gym, I always eat at my desk, but I get there about 20 minutes before my co-workers. When miss the gym, I get stuck in commuter traffic, and get here right around 8am. I don't mind eating infront of my co-workers, but in a shared office, it's not always polite!
I didn't have any fruit with my actual oatmeal (it had cinnamon and walnuts, made with 1/2 water and 1/2 skim milk) but I wanted I cut one up like an orange and through it in a baggie. I sprinkled with a little sugar and had it around 10:15.

I usually have fruit with my breakfast, and fruit for snack. We'll see what happens today, I might still have an apple before lunch, depending on my hunger level. I need to get some nuts to bring to work to round out my snacks!