Friday, February 8, 2008

No Snow!!

I woke up this morning, and there was no (new) snow! Today it's supposed to be 40 whole degrees..a heat wave! Woohoo!

Today would have been the perfect day for going to the gym, but we stayed up last night to watch Iron Chef, and my husband sweet talked me into "sleeping in" with him, and really, sometimes it's just worth it to cuddle with your loved ones.

I started my day with Starbucks. I haven't visited Sbux so frequently since I worked there.
When you work there, you get to pretty much drink as many beverages as you want during shift. Well..we did anyway. Also, you have to try everything as part of your training (bummer I know)
Anyway, if I hadn't worked there, I never would have known this was my favorite type of latte...
Double Tall Soy Latte. Sbux uses vanilla soy in all of their drinks, so it's sweet with out any sweetner, and has that great nutty soy taste. Yum!
And, old faithful for breakfast.

Tomorrow we are having my in-laws (Parents and Siblings) over for Brunch. My husbands
dad is just about the pickiest eater we are going basic. We will be having a "buffet" with different types of yogurt, a fruit platter, and muffins (i'm going to peruse the internet for a good recipe today). But the main part of the meal will be Breakfast Sandwiches. I'm going to make these delicious and decadent biscuits from, and my husband is going to cook up some real bacon, turkey sausage, and eggs. Then people can just eat things how ever they please!
I can get a little stressed as the hostess on days like this, so hopefully I won't be too stressed to take a picture of our "table scape" as Sandra Lee, from Semi-homemade says. Can you tell I like the food network?