Thursday, February 7, 2008

the day of a great many posts

Today I feel snack-y. Like every minute I must be eating something. My belly is full. My mouth is bored.

I ate this LARABAR, which was Chocolate and coconut flavored, and very good. I ate it slowly, savoring the taste, while drinking lots of water, and I feel full.
I ate this cookie after my lunch, a little sweet treat to wrap up a good lunch hour. This is one of the cookies from my Back to Nature box that I bought...two weeks ago? A box of cookies lasting 2 weeks with in a 1000 foot radius of me is progress my friends.

These pictures also feature my thighs.... :)
Ok this was going to be the end of my post, but if we are being truthful today (which we are) my co-worker just plopped a piece of strawberry ice cream cake down on my desk. "Eat this, we've had in the freezer since last week." Gah. just after I had fixed my self mint tea to occupy my mouth. So, i'm having an a few bites, and if I feel like i've had enough quit....And maybe enough will be the whole piece..maybe not.
edited: I ate about 3/4 of the piece of cake...and then I was done. It was hard to through the rest of it away, and not take those last couple of bites.